My article covering the installation of the NS and DS agents for Macintosh has been posted on The Juice. Here is an excerpt

“Macintosh information for Altiris is a little sparse and I’ve often been left in the cold with questions. Hopefully this article will help guide those who are trying to get Macs to show up in the Deployment Console.”

You can read the rest of the article here.


There seems to be some issues while trying to run Altiris DAgent on a Vista box that has Service Pack 1 installed. You can read a forum post on the Altiris forums here. Supposedly if you’re running DS SP1 the DAgent on Vista Service Pack 1 works fine but if you’re running DS SP2 it causes DAgent to crash. Quote from the end of the thread by Anthony Russo says

” Altiris now part of Symantec is working on this problem. The incident number 194760.”